Seamless Solar

Our tiles create a contemporary high quality finish of traditional roof tiles with no compromise to the energy production.

The best of both worlds is what you can expect with RYSE Solar tiles.

Up to 50% better production than leading competitors.



Fit the RYSE power bars to the roof. Clip the tiles into the connection points. Nail the tile to the roof slats. 

It's that simple.

Monitor your system

from your phone

Monitor your power production from the palm of your hand.

Choose when & how you use your power.


from the Grid

Use your power when you need it giving you freedom from the grid.


Market Leading 

Power Production

 Market leading power production. Average 2 bed UK property will create a 15kW system

Freedom from the Grid

Our solar tile roof & Formula-E inspired home battery work seamlessly 

together allowing you to use solar energy when you choose.

Freedom from reliance on the grid and the ability to fast charge your EV

with our 800v system will change the way you view energy production. 



Easy Installation

Single day install by a trained RYSE Installer.

5-7 Days faster install than competitors. 

Industry Leading Performance

RYSE Tiles

1.1kW per m2.

11.25kW - 15kW yield from our systems fitted to an average UK home (75 - 100m2 roof).

RYSE Batteries

800v High efficiency system. 

RYSE BMS with voltage monitoring & fault detection system.

Integrated with cloud control to support remote managment.

RYSE Inverter (Integrated into battery)

Efficient DC/DC Inverter.

DC/AC Inverter for Grid / Appliance interface.

RYSE EV Charger

Fast charging 100kW capability.


RYSE Solar App

Remote control & management of your system from your computer, phone or tablet.




25 Years



25 Years



25 Years

*All warranties & ratings apply to the UK & EU. Similar warranties will be provided as our development for other markets progresses.

Specs & ratings are currently being tested & the tile is on track to meet every

one of the highest standards for wind, fire and hail resistance.